Mineral spray insulation with hollow glass microspheres as a lightweight aggregate

Hollow glass microspheres offer a number of advantages as a lightweight aggregate. Firstly, the glass bubbles impress with their high compressive strength and good rheological properties. Secondly, the microscopic spheres have special thermal insulation properties. This property makes it ideal for use as an additive for heat-insulating products. The hollow glass microspheres also score points with regard to ecological considerations: They are extracted from various types of sand, thus ensuring the continued existence of resources. The result is low-alkali glass which is also non-combustible.

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Thermal insulation plus heat storage

The mineral spray insulation ecosphere uses glass bubbles instead of sand or other lightweight materials. This is the first time that they are being used in the form of sprayable mortar-based interior and exterior insulation. The hollow glass microspheres are added to the basic material in a high concentration. Firmly bonded to the basic mixture, the glass microspheres align themselves according to the multicellular pore structure of bone and give the mixture strength without weighing it down.

The ecosphere spray insulation can be applied to a thickness of 20 to 100 millimetres without a plaster base. Application thicknesses of over 100 millimetres are applied to a plaster base. Maxit ecosphere impresses with its excellent insulating properties and a coefficient of thermal conductivity of λ10, dry, mat < 0.040 W/(mK) when dry. These are achieved by the microscopic hollow glass microspheres which, thanks to vacuum entrapment, delay the passage of heat. In addition, they ensure that algae and mould have barely any chance on the façade – and do so in a purely physical manner. The reason for this is above all the exceptional insulating capability and heat storage capacity of the insulation layer. Equipped with hollow glass microspheres, outer walls with ecosphere cool much slower and dry quickly.

Mineral spray insulation for interior and exterior use

The innovative mineral spray insulation ecosphere also excels in the field of interior insulation through the use of hollow glass microspheres with their temperature regulating qualities. In contrast to traditional panel solutions, ecosphere is applied as a spray. This ensures seamless application and eliminates the risk of cavities forming. This in turn prevents waterlogging and mould formation and keeps the air in the room healthy. In addition, the application of ecosphere completely eliminates the need to compensate for unevenness in the substrate.

Advantages of the hollow glass microspheres

  • High compressive strength
  • Good rheological properties
  • Special thermal insulation properties
  • Securing the continuity of resources
  • No use of building sand

Excellent thermal insulation properties

  • Thermal conductivity λ10, dry, mat < 0.040 W/(mK)
  • Delayed passage of heat
  • Remarkable insulation and heat storage capacity
  • Prevention of algae and mould growth