ecosphere researcher nominated for "Deutscher Zukunftspreis"

Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2020 

From the laboratory in Azendorf, Franconia, to the big stage in Berlin: the research team behind the sprayable insulation technology "ecosphere" has been nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2020. 


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maxit ecosphere – the birth of a new generation of building materials

With ecosphere we celebrate the union of glass and mortar: supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Berlin), the paint, plaster and mortar specialist maxit (Azendorf) has developed a piece of completely new building material technology – the ecosphere insulation system. The Franconian company will first put this to use in interior wall insulation, followed by mortar-based façade insulation. Hollow glass microspheres act here as a lightweight aggregate and ensure top values in terms of thermal insulation, weight reduction and long-term stability. But what is so special about the revolutionary ecosphere technology? The mineral material can be sprayed from the building material silo and is therefore not only completely smooth but also easy to apply. The mineral spray insulation ecosphere will be presented to experts for the first time at BAU 2019 in Munich.


Advantages of ecosphere

  • Thermal insulation & thermal energy storage
  • Weight reduction
  • Conservation of resources
  • Ecology
  • Yield


Thermal insulation plus heat storage

maxit ecosphere impresses with its excellent insulating properties and a coefficient of thermal conductivity of λ10, dry, mat < 0.040 W/(mK) when dry. This is achieved by the microscopic hollow glass spheres which, thanks to vacuum entrapment, delay the passage of heat. In addition, they ensure in a purely physical way that algae and mould have barely any chance on the façade. This is due in particular to the remarkable insulating capability and heat storage capacity of ecosphere: the outer wall cools down much more slowly and dries out correspondingly quickly.

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Inspired by nature, intelligently implemented – with ecosphere

maxit ecosphere is building material technology that has been developed to meet modern requirements. To this end, ecosphere takes its lead from nature, which refrains from any form of oversizing. This can be seen, for example, in the structure of human bones, which consist of ideal, multicellular pore structures. Optimum technical parameters coupled with the conservation of resources were also guiding principles in the development of this innovative insulation material. The secret of ecosphere: vacuum hollow glass microspheres as a lightweight aggregate.


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The natural alternative for façade and interior insulation

The most common method of interior and façade insulation today still lies in panel solutions. However, these are not undisputed among experts: In addition to the often complicated installation, the basis of common heat insulation systems is also subject to criticism. Long delivery times, technical concerns and ecological requirements are cause for scepticism, which is why the search for alternatives is already in full swing. maxit ecosphere is purely mineral and thus also scores points with regard to ecological considerations. The hollow glass microspheres are extracted from various types of sand, thus ensuring the continued existence of resources.


Further advantages


Insulation in a single step

Renovation made easy. The mineral spray insulation ecosphere can be applied up to a thickness of 100 millimetres without a plaster base. This is done in the classic manner with the plastering machine from the silo. Thanks to the simple spray application method, assembly errors such as those that can occur with panel systems are almost completely eliminated. In addition, ecosphere is applied “wet-on-wet” in several layers up to the desired layer thickness. This prevents any downtime.

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Certified contracting companies

Certification is absolutely necessary for applying maxit ecosphere spray insulation.

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