ecosphere: usual application from the silo

The method of application is a decisive factor in the handling of building materials, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Thanks to its excellent rheological properties, ecosphere insulation for interior and exterior use is well-suited for this: Application is done in the traditional fashion from a bag or silo with a plastering machine.

Renovation made easy

The new ecosphere sprayed insulation is applied – up to a thickness of 100 millimetres without a plaster base – in the traditional way with a plastering machine from the silo. Installation errors, such as those that can occur in panel systems, are virtually impossible thanks to the spray application.

Insulation in just one working day

This involves working “wet-on-wet” in several successive layers, which prevents any downtime. A reinforcing layer is applied on the same material base. Standard commercially available insulation plaster equipment can be used without the need for any adaptations. Maxit ecosphere owes its exceptional yield – 7,200 litres of sprayable ecosphere insulation made from just one tonne of dry mortar – to the innovative combination of hollow glass microspheres with the latest mortar technology.

The structure of ecosphere mineral spray insulation

  1. maxit eco 70 Haftbrücke
  2. maxit eco 71 / 72 Spritzbare Dämmung
  3. maxit eco 73 Armierungsspachtel
  4. Armierungsgewebe MW 8 x 8 mm
  5. maxit mineralischer Oberputz
  6. paint, if desired