General renovation of town house | Arzberg

With maxit ecosphere - the mineral-based spray insulation - the façade of the former Protestant central school building was renovated in terms of energy efficiency.

The town house in Arzberg - with its clear structure of plaster bands and corner pilasters - is a listed building. The front part of the building complex was built in late classicist style in 1881. But the ravages of time have taken their toll on the building. Massive damage to the interior and exterior plaster as well as to the masonry due to penetrating moisture and spalling made the really beautifully designed façade unsightly. In addition to the construction defects, the building also needed to be renovated in terms of energy.

A classic board solution with EPS or mineral wool insulation was ruled out due to the history of the building. The maxit ecosphere spray insulation system was convincing, as it is a mineral system with which projections in the façade could be over-insulated without great additional expense and, in addition, the new design according to the historical model could be implemented very well. The maxit ecosphere spray insulation system is non-combustible and offers natural protection against algae infestation. These technical advantages together with the sustainability of the building material were decisive for the choice of the insulation system.

In the course of construction, the use of optimised profiles enabled cornices and projections to be over-insulated and re-formed. Unevenness in the façade was evened out and the required layer thickness of the sprayable insulation was precisely maintained. After completion of the insulation layer and reinforcement layer, profiled belt cornices and window sill profiles were incorporated all around the surface to reflect the late classicist style of the façade.

Construction site Town house (former Protestant central school building), Arzberg
Processor Exterior: Acus-Tro, Marktleuthen | Interior: Leipold Putz & Stuck, Mitterteich
Architect horstmann+partner, Bayreuth
Surface area Exterior: approx. 950 m² | Interior: approx. 1,500 m²
Application thickness Exterior: 60 – 120 mm | Interior: 15 – 60 mm

maxit eco 70 | 4 t
maxit eco 72 | 13 t
maxit eco 73 | 5 t
maxit eco depth gauge beads | 3,500 running meters
maxit decorative profiles | 150 running meters
maxit ip artista | 2 t
maxit prim eco 1170 | 370 l

maxit lime plaster | 80 t
maxit thin-coat plaster | 10 t
maxit renovating plaster | 3 t

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