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Birth of a new generation of building materials - sprayable insulation - ecological and efficient

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Berlin), paint, plaster and mortar specialist Maxit (Azendorf) has now developed a completely new building materials technology with its "Ecosphere" insulation system. Click here for the This article.

maxit mineral spray insulation "Ecosphere" offers flexibility and processing reliability

maxit mineral spray insulation "Ecosphere" is freely formable and is simply processed from the silo. Thanks to the combination of microscopic vacuum hollow glass spheres and the latest mortar technology, the product can be applied to the wall with conventional plastering machines. Click here for the Bauhandwerk article.

Ecosphere: Mineral-based sprayable thermal insulation with hollow glass microspheres for interior and exterior use.

(May 20, 2019; BAU-Bericht) maxit presented the new mineral-based spray insulation Ecosphere for the first time in Munich. It is currently offered in two versions: for indoors under the designation "maxit eco 71" and for outdoors as "maxit eco 72". Click here for the Baulinks article.

Refurbishment with sprayable interior insulation

For the energy-efficient refurbishment of listed facades, only interior insulation is usually an option. Here, however, the walls are often uneven. Until now, these walls had to be finished with leveling plaster in order to adapt them to a rigid insulation board. Click here for the Greenbuilding article.